Press release 22 November 2021

Leasehold contract between Amsterdam Shipyard prop and port of Amsterdam

Operation of a new shipyard on a historic location.

Operation of a new shipyard on a historic location.

AMSTERDAM, 18 November 2021

Amsterdam Shipyards (ASY) has signed a fifty-year agreement with Port of Amsterdam (PoA) on Thursday, November 18. With the signing of this agreement the use of the premises is established. The location on the Mainhavenweg is completely water bound and port related. The agreement gives Amsterdam Shipyards the possibility to operate the new innovative and modern shipyard for many years.

"By signing this agreement, we can start to invest in the expansion of an innovative and modern shipyard at the Mainhaven," Peter Versluis explains. "This innovative shipyard will mainly focus on the development, design and construction of sustainable and high-quality cruise ships, dredgers and (electrification of) inland navigation vessels," Versluis further explains the plans. "Thanks to the long term certainty we now have, we will start equipping the modern and climate-neutral facilities. New sustainable work areas, quays and electric cranes will be build. "The new seagoing cruise market for 100-400 passengers is created due to the pandemic. Among other things, customers want more space and less crowd with more luxury and experience. This market we can serve with our expertise in the inland cruise experience. For the Netherlands and its infrastructure this will be a new niche market. Amsterdam Shipyards will be a modern and innovative shipyard in the Netherlands that can serve this market with its regular suppliers and partners at an excellent location in Amsterdam."


About port of Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam is responsible for the management and development of the port area. Partly due to good maintenance and continuous renewal of the physical infrastructure, the port area is an attractive location for businesses. In addition, Port of Amsterdam ensures smooth, safe and environmentally responsible shipping traffic in the North Sea Canal area. Port of Amsterdam strives for a good and healthy business climate and actively manages a sustainable port.

 "Therefore we are keen to see companies such as Amsterdam Shipyards establish themselves in the port area and we welcome companies that have innovation and sustainability high on their agenda," says Jeroen Lotze manager Real Estate and Cruise at Port of Amsterdam.


About Amsterdam Shipyards

Amsterdam Shipyards specializes in the development and construction of cruise ships, dredgers and (electrification of) inland navigation vessels. Whereby simulators and crew training programs become part of the delivery. The management team, led by CEO Arnold den Boon, collectively has more than 150 years of experience in various branches of the shipping industry. The founder is Peter Versluis. He has more than thirty years of experience in the maritime sector and has been a strong advocate for innovation and sustainability in shipping for many years. The focus is on realizing sustainable and emission-free solutions. The basis for this is an all-electric ship, where the energy source can be chosen in the form of an "ASY Energybox". An "ASY Energybox" can be installed based on gas, hydrogen, batteries or a combination. The solution depends on the application, development and status of the various storage & energy sources. The output of the "ASY Energybox" will be electric power to provide the all-electric ship with energy. We have created a flexible basic design approach that can efficiently follow the pace of sustainability.

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