Our approach

Our dredges are of a future proof design. The energy source can be chosen based on available solutions and/or local requirements. The flexibility allows exchange of the power supply when new technologies and fuels are available or economically viable.

Standard range CSD's

Our range of standardized dredges are designed for multiple types of fuel and therefore ready for the future. The power can be generated by gensets running on (bio) diesel, LNG or H2 on the dredge or on shore. It can also be connected to the power grid, now or later, making it a zero emission dredge.

Standard range CSD's

Lowest costs per cubic meter

Our standard range of CSD's are equipped with a submerged pump and spud carriage installation for high efficiency, low power demand and low fual cost leading to the lowest costs per cubic meter.

CSD 500
Under water

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers

We start with an optimized business case and exploitation cost calculation to provide the best solution for the requirement.

Hopper dredger

Best design

An optimal design will be made with the best hull form, drive solution, pump selection, resulting in the lowest costs per cubic meter.

Optimized hull form
Electric thruster
Lowest costs per cubic meter

ASY Dredge components

Our components are designed to provide the maximum efficiency and lowest cost per cubic meter as they are the heart of the dredgers.

ASY Draghead
ASY Dredge pump
QH Graph

ASY Dredge systems

The ASY Dredge systems covers the engine room controls, navigation equipment and dredge system integration.

E-system CSD
E-system TSHD

ASY Dredging advice service

ASY can provide dredging advice like inspection visits, exploitation costs for hopper- and cutter dredgers (calculation of Euro/$ per cubic meter), pump production calculations, conceptual designs, etc..

Concept design
Production calculation