Marcel Boor

Dredge Engineer

Marcel Boor

Active in the maritime industry for more than 25 years. Marcel graduated as a mechanical engineer with a master in Dredging Technology. During his career Marcel has been involved in the dredging industry with a period active for the marine contractor Van Oord and the last 20 years for Royal IHC. Responsible for product management, design and estimating department, product development department, and sales. As a mechanical engineer Marcel has been actively responsible for concept designs for various types of dredges such as cutter suction dredges, hopper dredges, backhoe dredges and split hull vessels as well as product development for pumps, cutter heads, spud carriage systems, other dredging equipment and calculation tools.


Marcel has been involved in a number of projects during his career such as:

  • Development of a new dredge pump range
  • Software tools for production estimates
  • Pre-basic designs of new equipment
  • Re-design of standard Beaver range
  • Realization of various shipbuilding contracts for IHC:
    • Many standard Beaver Dredgers
    • Al Sakab and Al Bahar (Huta Marine); 16,500 kW CSD and 23,545 kW self-propelled CSD
    • IHC 7025 and IHC 8527 CSD’s for China
    • Mohab Mameesh, Hussein Tantawy (Suez Canal Authority); 29,190 kW CSD
    • Robert M. White (Manson Construction); 7112 kW CSD
    • Draga 18 & 19 (Mineros de Antioquia); 1,600 kVA wheel dredger
    • Shanti Sagar II to XVII (Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone); CSD type IHC 9029
    • Quibián I (Panama Canal Authority); 12,000 kW CSD
    • Helios (Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster); Self-propelled cutter dredger
    • Miondo (Draimar); 4,836 kW CSD
    • Zhong 08/09 (Sinohydro); CSD type IHC 9029
    • Inai Delima (Inai Kiara); 4960 kW CSD type Beaver 7522
    • Indlovu (Console Glass); 450 kW Bucket Wheel Dredger
    • Fasimainty (QIT Madagascar); 3600 kVA Electric CSD
    • Albzem (Emirates Dredging Company); 4,800 kW Rock CSD
    • Catarina and Mary Ann (Kenmare Resources); Electric Heavy Minerals Mining CSD
    • Fu Min 9 Hao (Longwon Port Dredging Group); 7,823 kW CSD
    • Kattouf and Al Mirfa (National Marine Dredging Company); 10,919 kW rock CSD